Hello I’m Shriv Sakthivel Subramaniam 

We welcome you to our experiential learning world and truly appreciate the fact that you’re here.

We want to develop a deep virtual relationship with you.

Because we value your time here.   


To help 1,000,000 Freshers or business people to setup Quality System in a profitable manner.

We welcome you to our experiential learning world and truly appreciate the fact that you’re here.

We want to develop a deep virtual relationship with you.

Because we value your time here.   

And for that, I would like to share a little about myself.


My Journey began with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore Institute of Technology affiliated to Bangalore University. My father ran a High speed Drilling Rigs and also Textile Power loom weaving unit, where I dreamt of setting up Industries of my own in the near future.

After my graduation I have worked with Corporate clients who are pioneer in Indian Market and learned a Quality System from Developing New Product, Managing Existing product and Sustainable development of Businesses from them.

During that time, we have worked more than 16 hours with passion and key to learn new things into my inner world. Again my management asked me to head QUALITY SYSTEM of the plant which is supplying Cold forged components to DENSO INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. I have to thank the management of my Company and DENSO INDIA who have brought SEECHANGE in my career in Building Quality System in a profitable manner. Again 9 to 5  job is not fulfilling my dreams, I resigned and floated my company in the brand name of  PRASANAB SYNDICATE.

PRASANAB SYNDICATE was established in the year August 27, 2010 with clear focus on building Quality System and serve the business community.  We do Consulting, Implementing, Auditing  and Training of LEAN Tools like Value Stream Mapping, KANBAN, TPM, HOSHIN KANRI, A3 Problem Solving Technique, ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System,  5S, KAIZEN. We offer Virtual Internal Auditor Training on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, 5S thereby consistently providing better VALUE to the client. We offer customized one to one coaching business as LEAN QUALITY SYSTEM to all Interested clients as my PROFIT MAXIMISER Course.

Our Growth is in Clients Success, if Client Succeed consistently for three years we offer special Mastermind program either via ZOOM or at client base. Deliverables are consistent with our Commitment .

Besides selling my own products, I also promote LEAN BOOKS and Quality E-Books, Blogs of other peoples’ products as an affiliate

The reason I’m sharing this with you is because I want to help you GET RESULTS!

There’s enough and more scams and biz opps online which really don’t add value to people and honestly… I don’t believe in Getting Rich Quick!

I believe in making money the right way – by adding value to peoples’ lives!

And if you are able to resonate with this, join me in my FACEBOOK Group community KAIZEN BUSINESS SYSTEM.


We learned the art of traffic generation, list building, conversions, copywriting and tribe building from my Mentor

Today, I’m nurturing a tribe of over 50+ clients from all over the India and enter into world market space.

I call this  “Quality System Hub”

I now help people step into their true potential by using the power of their mind to achieve great results in selling  Quality System as the  digita.

Spiritual Life & Personal Development

Besides, all the tech stuff I do… I’m a firm believer in living a life that’s simple and productive.

I’m a life-long student of Personal Development and Spiritual Sciences, and a very favourite quote of mine is: “Success Not Something That You Pursue…It’s Something That You Must Attract. By Being An Attractive Person (from within)”

So having said that, I have been practising meditation and yoga for over 15 years now, which really puts me closer in touch with my Creator every single day of my life, which has helped me attract all the success that I have achieved till today.

I’ve also been applying NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques in my personal as well as business life, seeing great results over the years; and teaching the same to family, friends and business partners.

I personally follow the principles in the Bhagavad Gita – As It Is, meditate every morning and believe that “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey… rather we are spiritual beings on a human journey” and our ultimate goal in life is to go back home, back to Godhead, the spiritual world.

I believe in simple living & high thinking – with giving & service to mankind being the core.

Being a ‘minimlist’ at the core, I really don’t own too many things and live in a home where I have less, and do more.

I’m a father and husband of a loving wife and am currently based in Chennai, where my wife is pursuing her advanced studies in Carnatic music, as she’s a vocalist. Thanks to the power of the internet and scaling my business virtually, I work 100% from home and I’m there to support her in her talents.

I’m also against the current education systems and have deliberately got my son on alternative education methods which focus more on the holistic development of the child through Montessori methods.

Have been practising meditation and spirituality for many years and read all the major scriptures of the world – be it the Bhagavad Gita, Koran, and the Bible.

I love travelling to places of heritage and culture across India, and to learn more about the great history, tradition, and philosophies which our teachers have left for us.

My Big Vision

I know I’m here to help you live an inspired life and create wealth by doing what you love, by following your true calling and purpose in life, and in turn give back to the world, through these gifts of your talents and abilities.

I really look forward to knowing more about you. Let’s be in touch, follow me on Facebook,  twitter and instagram make sure you give your details on the top-right, to stay in tune with all that I’m doing online and offline..

I truly feel that this journey of mine has given me a purpose in life.

I’m here to carry forward my Grandpa’s legacy of helping thousands of people live a better quality life.

I’m on a mission to help 100,000 people live a lifestyle of FREEDOM.

And I’m glad that you are here.

I would love to help you achieve your goals.

My roots are grounded in spirituality and minimalism.

As much I have very basic needs for myself, I have a high ambition to make money and create an impact in the world thru social entrepreneurship.

If you are able to resonate with my vision, then let’s stay connected.

I’m glad that you got to learn more about me thru this page.

You are awesome.

You are my next success story.

To your freedom,
Siddharth Rajsekar (Sidz)


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